FoodWise - Food Safety Certification Program

FoodWise - Food Safety Certification Program

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FoodWise - Food Safety Certification Program

In times like this, protecting yourself employees and/or customers is your most important responsibility. FoodWise allows food retail employees to keep customers safe. FoodWise Online includes videos, workbooks, learning activities/games and module quizzes to facilitate your employees learning for food safety.

This program was developed for and continues to be used by the retail food industry for the certification of owner-operators, store managers, department managers and other key retail employees.

Modules include:

  • Food Safety in the Retail Industry
  • Regulatory Authority and Government Agencies
  • Foodborne Illness & Injury
  • Properties of Food (PHFs vs non-PHFs)
  • Time-Temperature
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Premises, Equipment, Water and Waste Management
  • Housekeeping vs Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Pests and Pest Control
  • Personnel - Health and Hygiene
  • Recall
  • HACCP vs HACCP-based
  • Good Food Handling Practices - Total Store

Course Workbook:  Course content is based on chapter reading.  The workbook can be downloaded from the course website and used a Food Safety reference.  Accommodations for special needs can be made when requested. 

Language:  English and French

Length:  8 hours,  Participants have 30 days to complete the module.

Certification Exam:  The multiple-choice examination component of the FoodWise Program is the only assessment that the participant will partake in to become certified. The examination will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. The exam must be proctored. Accommodations for special needs can be made when requested. 

This FoodWise certification is valid for five years.

*Must be an active member of Retail Council of Canada to receive the discounted price of $18.00.  Please contact RCC to receive the discount code.